About Us

Welcome to Project MYU!  We’re just a group of guys who love animation, especially Japanese anime.  It just doesn’t get any better than anime!

Meet Ike.  Ike is an avid animation geek.  He’s our ‘go to’ for tech advice and nuts and bolts know how.  Anime is his forte.  He knows practically everything there is to know about it.  His passion keeps us amazed!

Meet Chris.  Chris stumbled on to animation by accident.  In search of ways to better his marketing skills, Chris learned animation out of necessity but found himself hooked.

Last but certainly not least, meet Jack.  Jack is the ultimate animation critique.  He loves watching anime and has probably seen every flick ever made.

Whether you enjoy just watching or like making your own, if you are into the magic of animation, you are going to love this site.  Kick your shoes off and stay awhile.  We’re glad you’re here.