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Some Costume

There are a few of us on this blog. We share a love of anime, Japanese animation as we all know. People come to us to answer any and all questions about the art form. We love dispensing advice. Today you have me, Jack, talking about dressing up as an anime character. We don’t go out much in public in full attire, but there are assorted theme parties to attend. My girlfriend and I go together as a duo that you can identify. If you have never been to such an event, you are in for a treat. You will see many delightful costumes. You can learn about the individuals who populate the world of animation online.

There are depictions of their complete attire if you want to copy any of them. Some people like to be the same character all the time, but we like to change it up. Think of Naruto, Ichigo, and Monkey. You can go for the most popular characters or those less known. People are always debating about who is the best. Check out any Internet forum on the subject. It is all about some awesome Japanese animation. My girlfriend and I have similar taste. We base our choice of costume on legacy, impact, and recognition. There must be artistic quality involved. In other words, we like characters that do something special, are unique, and always powerful in some way. They must have made an impact on the art form of anime. As a result, we go for the more famous characters. It makes it more fun at parties as everyone knows us immediately. Above all, the costume must have good design.

That being said, my girlfriend gives her face makeup a lot of attention. It takes a lot of time to get the look just right, especially when she puts on a set of natural looking false eyelashes. I love how great she looks. Since these false eyelashes stay on for a couple of weeks, I got to see her regularly in all her beauty. I told her to use them all the time, but she just laughed. Do you want me to look unnatural? she asked. Of course not. But when you have them on, I answered, your eyes shine. I knew she wasn’t going to comply, but we have enough parties to go to so that I will see her with the extensions a good part of the time. I, for one, am happy they last so long. I thought it would be only for party night.

We are now researching some new characters that will go together as a pair. We have a closet in the basement full of the old trappings of anime figures. There is always room for more. I also wear makeup when it is required, but I have never tried eyelashes. I wouldn’t know the first thing about putting them on. If you work in the theater, no doubt you learn to do your own makeup unless you are the star. Someday I might indulge.