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Watching Cartoons on the Go

Aren’t we all a bit selfish! We want to control everything we do all the time. Instant gratification is the modern motto for youth. That means our entertainment most of all. We don’t want to go without even if we are out and about and not sitting comfortably on the sofa or in a big cushioned chair watching cartoons on the laptop.

So what if we don’t have access to a big screen. We have smartphones and mobile phone plans that work for our very personal needs. We have high speed Internet access and if that means watching a cartoon or two, well so be it. These phones are not just for daily mundane communication such as talking and texting friends. Yeah they do that, but oh so much more. I rely on my phone as my main access tool to data and information on the web. I am constantly looking stuff up and keeping touch with the fabulous world of anime. Nothing new escapes my attention. Thus, if I have a craving to watch, I can do it in a flash whether I am riding on a bus, in a restaurant, hiking up a hill, or shopping. Multitasking is the order of the day for my generation. Thanks and kudos go the magnificent manufacturers of digital devices.

YouTube has transformed my world. Can’t get enough of the stuff. So much to see, so much to savor. Cartoons here, too. I had to up my monthly mobile phone plan to get enough data allowance to do this. Had to get some cool apps while I was at it. Unlimited talk, text, and data is what they tell you! Believe it! It’s about saving money for me but most of all about the best features and benefits for my particular smartphone. I put out some good money on it and don’t want anything cramping my style.

If you are not privy to anime, you found me no doubt by mistake, but hold on. I can’t say enough to convince you to join my ranks. You will have a lifetime of enjoyment and magical imagery. If your cell phone is the right one, you can do as I do and view surreptitiously. Then when the time is right, graduate to a bigger platform.

I did some research by the way to arrive at the best monthly mobile plan. I was in the mood for an upgraded phone so it was all a package: one shot value deal and I was done. There are many considerations about minutes, operating systems, 4G LTE requirements, available apps, portability, and the like.

I can’t go into it here but let’s just say it takes some effort on your part or you can rely on a prejudiced salesman. You don’t have to worry about stringent contracts any more or exorbitant bills if you don’t mind prepaid SIM cards. Getting knowledgeable will help you make a good no brainer decision. At least you don’t have to read the fine print about senior benefits.