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Animation: The Best of Both Realism and Escape

Some years back, I began looking into animation.  I am a marketing manager for a number of online companies and needed an edge to get products in front of customers.  I had tried everything, it seemed, but I wasn’t getting the results I needed.  That is when I discovered the amazing world of animation.

Animation is captivating.  You need only to take a look at YouTube to see how you can get sucked right in to a good piece.  That is exactly what I was after so I began searching for great animations to find out what it took to make a great production.

That is when I discovered anime.  Of course, authentic anime, by definition, is produced in Japan.  But I am not a stickler on that.  If it’s good, it’s good.  So I watched hours of it and tried my hand at making it too.  Can’t say I’m the best at it but I’m not all that bad either.  When I check the stats of viewers, I am quite pleased so evidently the general public thinks I’m pretty decent at it too.

One thing that watching and even creating anime has done for me is to make me better at producing regular animated clips too.  Once I have drawn my audience in, I can reach them and tell them about the products or services I am advertising.

YouTube changes the game plan on a regular basis but at the moment, the object is to attract a viewer to the site and for them to watch not only the flick at hand, but another YouTube production as well.  That means that, as a marketing manager, I need to not only have one great piece, but another that the viewer will want to click on to.  That scores points on YouTube which ultimately means…I get further on my advertising.  So “good enough is not good enough”.  My productions have to be compelling.

In it all, I have found not only a great marketing tool, but a newfound hobby.  I love watching and making animation.  It brings me back to my childhood, in the days of watching cartoons.

I remember watching cartoons as a kid.  I would watch for a little while and then go make up my own, recruiting my neighborhood friends to act out my renditions.  My friends quickly bored of it and furthermore, it was frustrating that I could not make them fly and do all the crazy things done in the cartoons.  Animation gives me the edge I never had.  I can make my characters do anything and…they can’t quit on me.

I’m not a natural animation geek.  I have never been that technical.  I function more on the creative side of my brain, I must admit.  But out of necessity and desire, I have scratched the surface on learning and am pleased with my progress.

Animation is a powerful and creative tool.  I have been introduced to tons of great animation programs.  I for sure have my favorites.  There are some that are very time consuming and complicated but give me great range in characters and actions.  Then, there are easier ones that save me time and frustration.  I am not sure how I survived marketing without the use of animation.

Animation is a magnificent and marvelous world in which I can advance my marketing skills.  It also has become a way to release some personal creativity as well.  But sometimes, it’s also refreshing to just kick back and watch a good anime flick and escape reality for a while.